About Us

We believe in what we have! the Bold, the Beautiful and the mighty as a Beast - that’s our TANK - The Mahindra TUV300!

And we are The Untamed Voyagers of the Bengaluru TUVian group – The TUV Owners Club (TUVOC).

As they say “Neighbours Envy, Owners Pride - and that’s exactly how we feel! And this is the group that brings together the proud Tank owners, in Bengaluru. A forum where we share our passion and love towards our beast, various adventures that we individually experience - basically, everything to do with our tanks! We are a growing community of open -road enthusiastic TUVians who share a common passion for adventure motoring and road - tripping.

The TUV Owners Club (TUVOC) connects regularly to share their drive experiences, safety and performance-enhancing tips, the top go-to service and maintenance resources, best routes, and so on. True to the M&M spirit that focuses on strengthening the bond between the man and the machine, driving is for us a spiritual journey every time we get behind the wheel.

TUVOC members steer clear of religion and politics and instead focus on what really matters - our obsession with the almost Zen-like experience of driving “The Tank”, as M&M fondly refers to its battle tank-like design. This is also what fuels all TUVOC programs, activities, and events.